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martinkunertphoto: - Caitlin Holleran @ photogenics LA, DNA NY

Anonymous asked: could you post a picture of behati with her old weight and now when she lost it?


It’s not really that hard to see the difference. I really miss her old body.  :(

 VSFS 2010/VSFS 2013.


Anonymous asked: If you actually lost respect for high fashion because they use Cara so much, that just shows that you're bitter and likely know very little about the industry.

When I started following the modelling industry closely it was not like it is now. I guess that’s why I see the change as wrong

Anonymous asked: What do you think of Barbara Palvin

Her face is amazing. I don’t like how she comes across on social media or how she dresses off duty. But I think i will always be blown away by some shots of her

Anonymous asked: Do you like Kendall Jenner?

Probably no. Although if youre asking because of her doing shows, any respect I had for high fashion is gone since they let Cara do everything. Kendall at least has a model body


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